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Mens Waxing Services

The Speedos

Bro-zilian $85
Take it all off front to back, leave a strip or triangle. Using combination of strip and hard wax we will gently remove all hair from the top, sides, scrotum and even between the bum cheeks.
Balls & Behind $55
Man bits and between the cheeks. We use uber gentle hard wax so you get the smoothest results possible.
Speedo $35
Tidy up the speedo line. Remove the hair from outside the brief line.
Derierre $30
Removes hair from the cheeks and between the cheeks,


Full Body – Back, Shoulders, Chest, Stomach, Legs + Arms 200
Full Body with Bro-zilian 230

The Body

Back [half/full] 35/48
Shoulders 25
Chest 35
Chest & Stomach 50
Full Legs 85
Patch 15+

The Face

Brows 18
Neck/Hairline 16
Nostrils 15
Ears 15