About Us

It’s all we do



Cutie Pie Wax Bar is a team of wax worshipers with a commitment to comfort and a obsession with cleanliness. We do 20 waxes a day, not 20 per month, so smoothness is our specialty- especially the Brazilian wax. Your goodies are in good hands with our team of experts. We’re fun, we’re quick and we’re excited to meet you!

We don’t judge



Whether you’re smooth savvy or a wax newbie, we’re here to make you look and feel amazing. There’s nothing we haven’t seen before, and nothing we won’t do to make your visit comfortable and fun. Our boutique wax bar carries top of the line products to ensure a smooth transition from freshly waxed to beautifully maintained.

We are total clean freaks



We uphold the highest levels of hygiene in all aspects of the experience, and we wouldn’t dream of double dipping our spatulas into the wax pot. We use disposable gloves, sterilized tweezers and our treatment rooms are sparkling clean.

Chill out



Everybody likes to feel fresh, but you don’t need to get dolled up just for us- feel free to visit right after work! To help you feel clean and pampered, I Love My Muff Fresh wipes come standard with every bikini wax. Your comfort and privacy are important to us, so for the bikini, French and Brazilian waxes we provide disposable panties and only undrape the area we are working on. Our treatments rooms are cozy and admit one client and one esthetician. While we wax, you can relax and watch a chick flick on TV.

Our Story

What made you want to start Vancouver’s cutest wax bar?

I spent five years traveling around Europe, Australia and Asia and was always on the hunt for a new place to get waxed. It was a little scary because I never knew if the person waxing me wax experienced, if they hated doing brazilian waxes or if they were more nervous than I was. Some experiences were good and others were bad and I wished I had a go-to wax bar that I could trust. I knew then that I wanted to create a place that took all the awkwardness and fear out of waxing. I envisioned a place where you know you’re not being judged because the estheticians are experts. Because specialized in waxing, I was able to find all the best products and techniques to create the best waxing experience possible.

Who are your regulars?

Our clientele come in all shapes and sizes and all ages from teens to grandmas. Although most of our clients are women, we get our fair share of men too, especially in the summer. We want everyone to leave feeling smooth and great about themselves.

How have you personally influenced the atmosphere at Cutie Pie Wax Bar?

I try to have fun everywhere I go. It always makes me smile when I can hear a waxer and client laughing and giggling in the wax room. We try to make the experience as fun as possible.

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