4 Spring Waxing Tips

Spring Waxing Tips

Spring is in the air, time to remove your winter hair. Winter is coming to an end and Spring is just around the corner. This winter may have left you with a little extra hair. The dark days can be the perfect time for unsightly hairs to hide only to reveal themselves without warning as the Spring  sun starts to shine.  It’s the perfect time to emerge from hibernation and start fresh for the Spring.

  1. Let it grow out. – now is the perfect time to let those underarms or legs grow out for a smooth summer waxing routine. While we’re still wearing jeans and long sleeves it only takes about 5-10 days to grow out underarms and 2-3 weeks for legs
  2. Exfoliate! – Body scrubs or body brushes are the perfect way to shed your winter skin and prepare for your wax. Give your self a scrub down the day before your waxing appointment.
  3. Skip the tanning salon. – Remember, no tanning 24 hours before or after your wax to avoid irritation. If you plan on getting a spray tan, make sure you do it the day after your wax.
  4. Spring Breaking? – We recommend waxing 2 days before your trip for best results.