The Naughty List Gift Guide

gift guide the naughty list

1.       Decor Craft Inc, Extend-Mistletoe, $8.95,
The cutest way to get smooched this holiday season! With this portable mistletoe you will be sure to land that holiday kiss anywhere you please.

2.       Pink Flamingo, Beer Bong, $9.95,
The girliest way to chug a beer. Down your desired beer or alcohol from this pink flamingo and look cute doing it!

3.       Creative Cursing, Book, $9.95,
Expand your profanity vocab with this novelty book. This book will uniquely educate you on words you surely didn’t know existed!

4.       Sh*t Senders, $15.95-$30.95, 
Has anyone been extra naughty this year?  This company will anonymously mail your enemy whichever “animal droppings” you desire.

5.       Cards Against Humanity, Board Game, $25,
An awkwardly inappropriate board game that is unlike any other. Some guaranteed uncomfortable moments, but most importantly endless laughs.

6.       Shot glass roulette drinking game, $20,
A fun fabulous game to get any party started. Spin the roulette and discover your poison!

7.    I Love My Muff, Fresh Wipes, $22, Cutie Pie Wax Bar
The best thing to keep in your purse!  A must have for your muff on the go.

8.       Tobias Wong, Smoking Mittens, $30, 
The perfect gag gift for any smoker who lives in a chilly place! Mittens that keep your hands warm well you smoke outside, one of the best inventions yet!