Manscaping – Waxing For Men

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Manscaping: Waxing isn’t just for women anymore.

By popular demand Cutie Pie Wax Bar has extended our manscaping menu to offer full services from head to toe. Whether your reason for going bare is to keep the lady in your life happy, to improve sport performance, or just because you’re a trendy guy that knows how to keep himself looking good, it’s clear that waxing is no longer just for women.

You’ve decided that silky smoothness is for you but are wondering why you’d choose waxing over other hair removal methods. Shaving and depilatory creams can be harmful to skin, and only remove hair above the skin. Waxing takes the hair out from the root causing regrowth to be softer and slower giving you 2-3 hair free weeks. Not to mention, wax hits places a razor just can’t reach.

First timers fear not, you are in fantastic hands with our cutie pies. They’ll walk you through your first treatment and answer any questions you may have. We’ve heard it all so nothing is taboo. Call us or book your treatment online today and leave our wax bar feeling like a new man.

Keep Calm and Wax On.