Spring Waxing Tips

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After a long winter we are all excited about summer in Vancouver. Patios, beaches and vacations await us! Everyone is ready to shed their winter coat, so Cutie Pie has put together a few summer waxing tips to ensure a super smooth 2012.

2. Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate!
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, get in the habit of giving yourself a good scrub down every three days. Removing dead skin cells will help reduce ingrown hairs and bumps to leave you buttery smooth. Try our luscious Merben body and bikini brushes.

3. Moisturize
 Moisturize daily to keep skin supple and smooth, especially the bikini area! You will be surprised how far a hydrating regime will go to reducing ingrown hairs too! We love the Mancine Tea Tree body lotion available for $14.50 at Cutie Pie.

4. No Tanning Within 24 Hours
We know you are working furiously to build a base tan for summer, but you want to steer clear of the tanning bed for 24 hours before and after your wax.

5. Wax First, Spray Tan Later
You always want to schedule your spray tan for after your wax to avoid stripping off your tan. Keep in mind that it is best to wait 24 – 48 hours after your wax before getting bronzed. Waxing opens your pores so you want to you keep the area as clean as possible for the first couple days to avoid ingrown bumps and blemishes. 

6. Skip The Gym (just this once)
Steer clear of the gym for 24 hours after your wax. The last thing you want is heat and sweat irritating your freshly waxed skin, trust us!