No Double Dipping

Double dipping may be socially acceptable when it comes to chips & salsa, but when it comes to waxing it’s a huge No-No! During a waxing service we use wooden tongue depressor or popsicle sticks to spread wax onto the skin. The stick is dipped into the wax and used to apply wax to the desired body part. Sticks should be tossed as soon as they touch your skin and a new stick should be used for each subsequent dip. Double dipping would potentially contaminate the entire wax pot. This could mean bacteria and other yuckiness being spread from someone else to you. Since wax is only heated to a temperature around 40 degrees it is not hot enough to kill bacteria or viruses.

At Cutie Pie Wax Bar we never double dip. We have literally thousands of sticks on hand. During your session every stick we use is your stick.

So now you know, double dipping is a double No-No!

Keep Calm and Wax On!