Razzle-Dazzle Vajazzle!

Brazilian Wax Vajazzle at Cutie Pie Wax Bar

Everybody keeps asking… “What is Vajazzling? And why is Jennifer Love Hewitt so obsessed?” Vajazzling is a fun treat that involves adorning your “top-V” with sparkling rhinestones, a stunning glitter design or a bit of both. Vajazzling is a great add-on service to any Brazilian wax. A little sparkle goes a long way to make you feel extra special!

Step One: Choose Your Design.
Glitter or rhinestones? That is the question. For glitter designs we have a whole book of stencils to choose from, ranging from hearts and butterflies to edgy vampire fangs. There is something for everyone! Rhinestone vajazzles include a bespoke design with 15 genuine swarovski crystals. We have a few favorite layouts like the “Vegas Strip,” a shimmering landing strip! You can add extra bling to your design for $1.00 per rhinestone.

Step Two: Choose Your Colours
We have an awesome selection of 36 glitters, including neon colours that glow under black lights. We have every colour of the rainbow and more. For best results we recommend choosing up to 5 colours and fading them across your glitter design. Our rhinestones are the most sparkling clear swarovski crystals we could find, they glimmer like diamonds!

Step Three: Chill out.
Lay back and relax, this procedure only takes a few painless minutes. Using hypoallergenic body glue we will create a sparkling masterpiece.

Step Four: Enjoy!
Enjoy your sparkling secret! Glitter designs last from 3-7+ days and Crystal designs last 2-5. To preserve your vajazzle we recommend not using any products containing alcohol or oil on the area. Alternatively alcohol or oil based products will gently remove the design if your are “over it.” Your design is waterproof, however prolonged exposure to water will weaken the adhesive. Remember to pat yourself dry and be careful not to scrub the area. Sparkle On!

Keep Calm and Wax On!

Photos by Jonny Milstein Photography – “My job as a photographer is to paint with light…”
Modelling by Melissa Shim